Welcome to Nexus
Welcome! To the Nexus Association demonstration site.

Nexus provides turnkey custom organization management websites designed to keep you productive and your members informed. This site is set up to show how a live working site can function for your organization.

This is a Mobile-Optimized site. Based on what device you're accessing the site (Smartphone | Tablet | PC), there are differences between how the information is formatted.

Each component of Nexus is designed to do something that meets a need. Your organization may need more or fewer features, depending on complexity, activities and number of members. Either way, we hope you enjoy your visit, and that you'll let us know what features you'd like to see!

The Development Team at Nexus

  Ease of Use
Nexus is user-friendly and comprehensive. 

It's easy for busy professionals to update your website, schedule events, manage registrations. publish resources and manage broadcast email.
  Nexus Features:
The tools you need to connect with your members and manage events.

  Advanced membership sign-up processed with Full contact info, photos and more
•  Membership tracking automates renewals and recurring payments
•  Instantly publish member directories for public or private access
•  Event Calendars: Add events, Send reminders, Register and Pay - all on-line!
•  Forums, both Public and Private make it easy to discuss issues
•  Blogs, Announcements, RSS Feeds, and other tools to keep everyone current
•  Send emails to individuals, or in bulk automates newsletters and communication
• Job Posting for Members
•  Secure logins provide Public and Private areas

  Info Bar
Nexus provides an amazing range of web page layout options, content and galleries.

There are different layout options for Full-screen pages, as well as pages that automatically re-size and re-orient when viewed in a mobile environment!

When it comes to great ways to get your message out, Triskele Technologies is your partner!

  Another Panel
You can add as much content as you wish!

Lots of options too!
  Lots of Tools!
Nexus is specifically designed for busy professionals and volunteers.

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